Orthetrum triangulare triangulare Blue-tailed Forest Hawk Dragonfly August 24, 2015

Orthetrum Triangulare Triangulare Dragonfly

The Orthetrum triangulare triangulare is commonly known as the Blue-tailed Forest

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Pantala Flavescens Wandering Glider Dragonfly August 13, 2015

Pantala Flavescens Dragonfly

The Pantala flavescens is commonly known as the Globe Skimmer or Wandering Glider.

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Diplacodes Trivialis Blue Percher Dragonfly August 8, 2015

Diplacodes Trivialis Dragonfly

The Diplacodes trivialis is commonly known as the Blue Percher and is of

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Orthetrum Chrysis Red-faced Skimmer Dragonfly August 8, 2015

Orthetrum Chrysis Dragonfly

The Orthetrum chrysis is commonly known in Hong Kong as the Red-faced Skimmer. In

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Orthetrum Glaucum Common Blue Skimmer Dragonfly, sub-adult male. August 7, 2015

Orthetrum Glaucum Dragonfly

The Orthetrum Glaucum is commonly known as the Common Blue Skimmer or the Blue

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Trithemis Festiva Indigo Dropwing Dragonfly August 7, 2015

Trithemis Festiva Dragonfly

The Trithemis festiva dragonfly is commonly known as the Indigo Dropwing or the

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Trithemis aurora Crimson Dropwing Dragonfly August 5, 2015

Trithemis Aurora Dragonfly

The Trithemis aurora is otherwise known as the Crimson Dropwing or the Crimson

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