Ophiusa tirhaca Green Drab Moth August 14, 2015

Ophiusa Tirhaca Moth

The Ophiusa tirhaca is commonly know as the Green Drab Moth of the Noctuidae

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Amata Lucerna Moth August 8, 2015

Amata Lucerna Moth

The Amata Lucerna Moth is of the Erebidae Family and was first published in 1910.

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Hemiscopis Sanguinea Moth August 5, 2015

Hemiscopis Sanguinea Moth

The Hemiscopis sanguinea is a moth of the Crambidae family and was first discovered

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Dysphania Militaris Moth July 26, 2015

Dysphania Militaris Moth

I discovered this moth while hiking Hong Kong Trail Stage 1. At first I thought that

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