Ammophila Atripes Mud Dauber Wasp August 24, 2015

Ammophila Atripes Wasp

The Ammophila atripes is commonly known as the Mud Dauber Wasp. It is of

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Delta Petiolata Potter Wasp August 24, 2015

Delta Petiolata Potter Wasp

The Delta Petiolata Potter Wasp is quite large at around 20 to 30mm, although males

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Vespa Bicolor Black Shield Wasp August 24, 2015

Vespa Bicolor Hornet

The Vespa bicolor is commonly known as the Black Shield Wasp. It is of

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Polistes olivaceus Common Paper Wasp August 9, 2015

Polistes Olivaceus Wasp

The Polistes olivaceus is commonly known as the Common Paper Wasp.

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Delta Campaniforme Potter Wasp August 9, 2015

Delta Campaniforme Wasp

The Delta campaniforme is commonly known as the Potter Wasp or the Yellow Potter

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Vespa Affinis Lesser Banded Hornet August 9, 2015

Vespa Affinis Hornet

The Vespa Affinis is commonly known as the Lesser Banded Hornet. To my

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