Hiking Trail Information

Hiking Trail Types

On this web site you will find three different types of hiking trails. Point A to Point B, Loop, and Stage Trails. Each have their own advantages depending on your needs.

Point A to Point B Trails

These hiking trails start at one point and end at another and sometimes vary depending on the hiking trail chosen. These trails are best if you want to get from one point to another.

We do our best to find hiking trails that lead from one major transport terminal to another, or at the least offer some type of transport at the start and the end. For the most part they will be from and to MTR stations or ferry/bus terminals so that you can easily make your way home after the hike.

Loop Trails

Loop hikes are great when you want to return to the same point. This way you only need to worry about getting to one destination and of course returning from that same destination.

These hikes are also useful should you live in the particular area that the hike is located for a casual hike when you are feeling energetic.

Again these hikes will start from either an MTR station or bus/ferry terminal where possible.

Stage Trails

Stage trails mostly refer to hikes such as the Hong Kong Trail or Lantau Trail where the hike is so long that it is separated into separate stages.

Unlike the other hiking trails, these most often do not end either near an MTR station or bus/ferry terminal. This means that you will have to make your way to the beginning of each stage in addition to the trail described. Of course this also applies to the end of that particular stage.

These hikes are great for a challenge should you wish to push yourself in an attempt to complete either the entire hike or several stages.

Country Trail

Country Trails are mapped out by the Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department in country parks throughout Hong Kong. They have marked footpaths perfect for the casual hiker.

Nature Trail

Nature Trails are mapped out by the Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department in country parks throughout Hong Kong. They aim to build awareness of locations with significant conservation values. Signs are installed along the trail to introduce the wildlife, vegetation, history and village life to enable visitors to enjoy the countryside and encourage them to treasure it.

Family Walk

Family Walks are mapped out by the Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department in country parks throughout Hong Kong. They are designed for family members to enjoy the many pleasures of hiking. They have gentle slopes and short lengths from 1km (half an hour) to 3.5km (two hours) that are easily accessible for people of all ages. Distance posts and signs are installed along the trails. Most routes are specially designed as circular walks so that hikers can return back to the original point.

Tree Walk

Tree Walks are mapped out by the Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department in country parks throughout Hong Kong. They feature signs that introduce various trees that are located in the area.

Other Trails

Other than the aforementioned hiking trails, on-site interpretation plates are installed along some special trails to introduce the interesting features along these Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department paths.

Hiking Trail Difficulty

Each hike that you find in these pages will be further graded by difficulty. Difficulty will take into account the length and height variation of the hiking trail as well as the trail composition being concrete, rocks, dirt or sand.

Hiking Trail Length

The length of the hiking trail will be displayed in km and will be an approximation based on my amateur mapping skills.

Generally the longer a hike, the more difficult it will be.

Height Variation

The height of the hiking trail will be measured in meters. The variation will be the difference in height from the lowest point to the highest point between the start and finish.

The larger the figure, the more difficult the hike in general. Also taken into consideration in determining the difficulty is the gradient of the hike. Often the direction take will also have a difference in the difficult of the hike since a steeper gradient may make the hike easier if the majority of the remainder is downhill.

Difficulty may increase substantially however should the trail vary in height multiple times rather than have one peak to cross.

Hiking Trail Composition

Many of the mainstream hiking trails in Hong Kong have been concreted which makes for less of a hiking experience and also for an easier difficulty. A rocky surface will generally increase difficulty, as will a sandy or muddy surface, especially given the high humidity in Hong Kong which can make these surfaces very slippery and difficult to navigate.

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