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Axial Wraith Repairs & Upgrades

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been hectic as I’ve had to move apartment and have downsized significantly.

I’ve just fixed up my Axial Wraith after a serious downhill rock racing accident which left my rear wheel with a serious wobble after bending the rear axle. I was quite surprised to discover this.

Along with the bent axle, the diff cover was half torn off – screws ripped right out. So the repair involved new heavy duty metal diff covers, some new axle housings (changed both front and rear), and of course the new rear axle. I also upgraded the stock Axle Lock-outs to Aluminium to add a bit of strength and flair. Here’s a shot of the new gear.


I have spent quite a lot of cash on my Axial Wraith. I dare not add it up. Along with these repairs I also upgraded my front suspension to Boomerang Type I 120mm shocks and modified the mounting location by cutting up the plastic frame a little to allow for the extra travel from from my previous Boomerang Type E 105mm shocks (which still reside on the rear as seen above). The shock upgrade came due to my steering angle being compromised by the springs on my old shocks. So now the springs are internal and my steering angle is only limited by my linkage, which I also upgraded to Boomerang Gun Metal links and link mounts. Here’s another picture for your perusal.


You can also see the new diff cover here up front. I had to go ahead and change the front axle as well since it was so worn out that diff grease was leaking out front the underside of the diff cover. In the photo above you can see the modified top suspension mount. Basically I am trying to get maximum droop as well as maximum travel. After testing the new setup, I plan on modifying this setup further so that the upper suspension mount will extend through the front hood both for visual effects and increased travel. This will get my front wheel as close as possible to the wheel arch using the 120mm shocks.


In this shot you can see why I had to go ahead and upgrade the linkage. On the drive shaft, you can see that the end of it has been churning away against the old chassis linkage. Previously I had upgraded Axial aluminum linkage which flexes a lot more and as a result gives more room for error. The Boom Racing linkage fixed this issue. Again from this angle you can also see the modified upper suspension mount.

That’s all for now until I hit the trails for some bashing to see what I can improve on next!

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