March 31, 2016 Comments Off on Back on the Trail Full Time Articles

Back on the Trail Full Time

After working so hard for the past 6 months and having since been retrenched just last week, Hiking Hong Kong will be hitting the trails hard.

First in our list of things to get done is to add more trails to the website: We have this data already lying around, we just need the time to put it up. So when it is raining outside or if there is a typhoon, expect to see new hikes being added to the site. One hike takes about one day to add.

We will also be re-scaling all of the images on our hikes to match the format of our new website, which will make for larger and clearer content both on your desktop PC and on your mobile device.

We’ve got ourselves a new Garmin Fenix 2 GPS watch, so for any hikes that don’t have the trail mapped out via GPS, we will revisit them and add the additional data for your reference.

On nice weather days, we will be out on the trails and getting more content. It is time to get fit and get busy. We will focus on the main trails first; Lantau Trail, Wilson Trail, Hong Kong Trail: And then move onto to smaller hiking trails, followed by other trails that are not as yet mapped out.

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