1920×1080 Wallpapers

Nephila Pilipes Giant Golden Orb Weaver August 26, 2015

Hong Kong Spider Wallpapers

Spiders are everywhere in Hong Kong if you are hiking during the hotter months and

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Hong Kong Trail Stage 3 1920x1080 Wallpaper August 23, 2015

Hong Kong Trail Wallpapers

For each trail that we hike in Hong Kong, we’ll be editing some special desktop

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Traulia Orientalis Grasshopper August 20, 2015

Hong Kong Grasshopper Wallpapers

Every creature that we see while out hiking in Hong Kong is beautiful and is part of

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Milvus Migrans Black Kite August 18, 2015

Hong Kong Bird Wallpapers

Bird are often difficult to photograph unless you are an avid birdwatcher. While

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Rhabdophis Subminiatus Helleri Red-necked Keelback Snake August 13, 2015

Hong Kong Snake Wallpapers

Snakes are interesting creatures if you know which ones to stay away from as there

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August 8, 2015

Hong Kong Fly Wallpapers

It may sound strange to feature a wallpaper of a fly, but since we have butterflies

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August 5, 2015

Hong Kong Dragonfly Wallpapers

Dragonflies are just as numerous as butterflies in Hong Kong and they are just as

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Dysphania Militaris Moth August 4, 2015

Hong Kong Moth Wallpapers

It might sound strange to have moths posted up as your desktop background, however

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Hong Kong Butterflies August 2, 2015

Hong Kong Butterfly Wallpapers

We see a lot of butterflies while out hiking in Hong Kong that it would be a shame

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