Nephila Pilipes Giant Golden Orb Weaver August 25, 2015

Nephila Pilipes Spider

The Nephila pilipes is commonly know as the Northern Golden Orb Weaver or Giant

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Ammophila Atripes Mud Dauber Wasp August 24, 2015

Ammophila Atripes Wasp

The Ammophila atripes is commonly known as the Mud Dauber Wasp. It is of

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Perisesarma Bidens Red-clawed Crab August 24, 2015

Perisesarma Bidens Crab

The Perisesarma Bidens is commonly known as the Red-clawed Crab. It is of

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Uca Arcuata Crab August 24, 2015

Uca Arcuata Crab

The Uca arcuata is of the Ocypodidae Family.

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Uca Lactea Milky Fiddler Crab August 24, 2015

Uca Lactea Crab

The Uca lactea is commonly known as the Milky Fiddler Crab.

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Motacilla Alba White Wagtail August 24, 2015

Motacilla Alba Bird

The Motacilla alba is commonly known as the White Wagtail. It is of

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Euploea Midamus Blue Spotted Crow Butterfly August 24, 2015

Euploea Midamus Butterfly

The Euploea midamus is commonly known as the Blue Spotted Crow Butterfly. It is of

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Danaus Genutia Common Tiger August 24, 2015

Danaus Genutia Butterfly

The Danaus genutia is commonly known as the Common Tiger Butterfly or Striped Tiger

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Parathyma Sulpitia Five-dot Sergeant Butterfly August 24, 2015

Parathyma Sulpitia Butterfly

The Parathyma sulpitia is commonly known as the Five-dot Sergeant Butterfly. It is

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Delta Petiolata Potter Wasp August 24, 2015

Delta Petiolata Potter Wasp

The Delta Petiolata Potter Wasp is quite large at around 20 to 30mm, although males

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Vespa Bicolor Black Shield Wasp August 24, 2015

Vespa Bicolor Hornet

The Vespa bicolor is commonly known as the Black Shield Wasp. It is of

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Cryptosoma Imperator Mollusca August 24, 2015

Cryptosoma Imperator Mollusca

The Cryptosoma Imperator Mollusca was first discovered in Hong Kong.

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Statilia Maculata Asian Jumping Praying Mantis August 24, 2015

Statilia Maculata Praying Mantis

The Statilia Maculata is commonly known as the Asian jumping mantis. It is of

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Orthetrum triangulare triangulare Blue-tailed Forest Hawk Dragonfly August 24, 2015

Orthetrum Triangulare Triangulare Dragonfly

The Orthetrum triangulare triangulare is commonly known as the Blue-tailed Forest

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Phlaeoba Antennata Grasshopper August 21, 2015

Phlaeoba Antennata Grasshopper

The Phlaeoba Antennata Grasshopper is of the Acrididae Family and was first

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Junonia Orithya Eyed Pansy August 21, 2015

Junonia Orithya Butterfly

The Junonia orithya is commonly known as the Blue Pansy, Eyed Pansy, or Blue Argus.

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