Motacilla Alba White Wagtail August 24, 2015

Motacilla Alba Bird

The Motacilla alba is commonly known as the White Wagtail. It is of

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Corvus Macrorhynchus Large-billed Crow August 21, 2015

Corvus Macrorhynchus Crow

The Corvus macrorhynchus is commonly known as the Large-billed Crow, Thick-billed

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Milvus Migrans Black Kite August 18, 2015

Milvus Migrans Bird

The Milvus migrans is commonly known as the Black Kite, of the Accipitridae

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Urocissa Erythrorhyncha Blue Magpie August 13, 2015

Urocissa Erythrorhyncha Magpie

The Urocissa Erythrorhyncha is commonly known as the Blue Magpie or the Red-billed

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Coturnix Japonica Japanese Quail August 10, 2015

Coturnix Japonica Quail

The Coturnix japonica is commonly known as the Japanese Quail and is of

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