Cryptosoma Imperator Mollusca August 24, 2015

Cryptosoma Imperator Mollusca

The Cryptosoma Imperator Mollusca was first discovered in Hong Kong.

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Statilia Maculata Asian Jumping Praying Mantis August 24, 2015

Statilia Maculata Praying Mantis

The Statilia Maculata is commonly known as the Asian jumping mantis. It is of

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Suborder Oniscidea Woodlouse August 21, 2015

Suborder Oniscidea Woodlouse

I’ve seen some strange bugs while out hiking, this is one of them. It is

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August 9, 2015

Caenocoris Marginatus Bug

The Caenocoris marginatus is commonly known as the Long Stink Bug.

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