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Danaus Genutia Butterfly

Danaus Genutia Common Tiger

The Danaus genutia is commonly known as the Common Tiger Butterfly or Striped Tiger Butterfly. It is of the Nymphalidae Family and was first published in 1779.

The common tiger is a strong flier, however it never flies rapidly or high. It has stronger and faster strokes than the Plain tiger.

Members of this genus are leathery, tough to kill and fake death. Since they are unpleasant to smell and taste, they are soon released by their predators, recover and fly off soon thereafter.

This butterfly lays its egg singly under the leaves of any of its host plants. The caterpillar is black and marked with bluish-white and yellow spots and lines. It has three pairs of tentacles on its body.

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Danaus Genutia Common Tiger

Danaus Genutia Common Tiger Butterfly

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