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Fast Track on HK Trail Stage 4 Reversed

On Wednesday I decided to hit an easier hiking trail than my previous decision to hike Wilson Trail Stage 1 which was a little difficult considering that I hadn’t been out hiking in a while.

Hong Kong Trail Stage 4 Reversed

Distance: 7.52km
Time: 1hr 25min
Moving Time: 1hr 21min

Elevation Gain: 191m
Elevation Loss: 211m
Min Elevation: 115m
Max Elevation: 283m

Garmin Training Effect: 5
Avg HR: 138bpm (74% of Max)
Max HR: 169bpm (91% of Max)

Avg Temp: 32.6C
Min Temp: 27C
Max Temp: 35C

Hong Kong Trail Stage 4 Reversed was quite adequate, allowing me to keep a respectable pace throughout the trail, and after 7.5km I was sufficiently satisfied with my efforts.


Although quite long at 7.5km, Hong Kong Trail Stage 4 Reversed is reasonably flat with an elevation gain of just 191m, making it suitable for novice hikers. Also, since much of the trail is paved or on a flat surface, regular walking shoes are adequate for this trail.


Below is a graph of my telemetry throughout my hike:


On my hike I tried to keep quite a fast pace so that I could keep my heart rate up and try to increase my fitness level. On my next hike on this same trail I will take some photos and post an official review.

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