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Garmin Connect Login Issues

With all my enthusiasm to hit the trails hard, apparently Garmin Connect doesn’t hold the same enthusiasm as me.

As my Garmin Fenix 2 fills up with hikes, Garmin Connect continues to disappoint me by refusing entry to its site.

To be fair, I have never seen this before, however with the same message over a 3 day period on their Garmin Connect Status, my hope of a recovery is fading away.

“We are currently experiencing issues during login to the website. We are investigating the issue.” Evidently there is clearly an issue, but this message has been up for almost 3 days now, hardly inspiring.

So the actual issue is this, when I log into the Garmin Connect website I see the following:


None of the links on the left hand side work, and other than the status page which indicates that a problem does exist, there is no other mention on Garmin Connect on how they are going about to resolve this issue.

I havn’t seen any other chatter on the web indicating that an issue exists for anyone else either which is strange, however I have checked 5 different browsers and two different machines with the same results. Perhaps it is only an issue from within Hong Kong? Either way, my enthusiasm with my new Garmin Fenix 2 has gone from hero to zero.


Please fix this issue Garmin, and please reply to my support email that was sent almost 12 hours ago!

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