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Hong Kong Topographical Hiking Maps

NOTE: We are no longer selling Hong Kong hiking maps.

Over the past couple of months we have been working on getting more maps onto the website for sale, especially in addition to the popular countryside series maps that cover all of Hong Kong.

These countryside series maps are offered in 1:25000 scale and although this is adequate for most of us, sometimes it is required, or wanted to have additional detail that the countryside series maps simply cannot offer.

On my recent quest to discover hiking trails that don’t fall in the regions that are within Countryside Park areas, for the purpose of Rock Crawling with my remote control Axial Wraith; I find myself in one of those situations.

Recently added to the Hiking Hong Kong Shop area of our website are the 1:20000 scale colour topographic maps and 1:20000 black & white topographic maps.

There are 16 sheets covering the whole territory which are available individually depending on the specific area you are interested. Printed in colour and with contours depicted at 20m intervals, this general purpose map series serves many purposes and is often used by schools in the teaching of map reading.

Scouts and hikers also find this very suitable for use in hiking and orienteering activities.

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