Hong Kong Weather

Part of being social is being aware of what is going on around us before we go out hiking. Quite often the weather is Hong Kong can be extreme and therefore we want to risk our exposure to it to avoid lightning strikes, typhoon winds, landslides and heat stroke.

Hong Kong Heat IndexHong Kong Air Pollution Index

I remember the first time I went out for a walk around Hong Kong after moving here from Melbourne back in 2002. I had been walking around the city for about an hour (not even hiking – and I was a fit mountain biker) and before long my legs started cramping to the point that I could not even walk. It was a lack of fluid intake that had caused it. With a temperature of 33 degrees I though that it wasn’t too bad, but I hadn’t factored in other things like humidity and air flow (or lack of it between buildings), or pollution.

Be aware of the weather you are hiking in and use the resources that we provide on our website to help you make informed decisions before you hit the hiking trails.

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